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The Breach Family Through History

I've always had a keen interest in history, especially British history, and it was important for me to tie my ancestors in to historical events. Often they had no direct links with important events, but for me it was interesting to see which king was ruling at the time of a particular ancestor, or if there were any wars or social problems at the time. For this reason I produced this time line which I hope you will find interesting.

The 1400's

King Henry VI

1422 King Henry VI crowned 31 August (first reign).

1432 Thomas Tayce, earliest ancestor (known of) born (see Associated Line AL2).

1455 Wars of the Roses begin.

King Edward IV

1461 King Edward IV crowned 4 March (first reign).

1462 Thomas Dumbrell born (see Associated Line AL2).

1470 King Henry VI crowned 3 October (2nd reign).

1482  Johanna Herne, wife of Thomas Dumbrell born (see Associated Line AL2).

King Edward V

1483 King Edward V crowned 9 April (allegedly murdered after 78 days reign). 

King Richard III

1483  King Richard III crowned 6 July.

1484  Thomas Dumbrell (younger) born (see Associated Line AL2).

King Henry VII

1485  King Henry VII crowned 30 October.

1487 End of the Wars of the Roses.


The 1500's

1504  William Dumbrell born (see Associated Line AL2).

King Henry VIII

1509  King Henry VIII crowned 24 June.

1513  Battle of Flodden, English defeat Scots and kill James IV.

1536 – 39  Dissolution of the Monasteries by Henry VIII.

1539  John Dumbrell born (see Associated Line AL2).

King Edward VI

1547  King Edward VI crowned 20 February.

Queen Mary I

1553  Queen Mary I crowned 1 October. (Lady Jane Grey reigned from 10 July to 19 July that year).

Queen Elizabeth I

1559  Queen Elizabeth I crowned 15 January.

1564  Richard Dumbrell born (see Associated Line AL2).

1568  Imprisonment of Mary Queen of Scots by Elizabeth I.

1587  Execution of Mary Queen of Scots.

1588  Defeat of Spanish Armada.

1592 George Breech born (see Generations One to Five)


The 1600's

1602  Francis Dumbrell born (see Associated Line AL2).

King James I

1603  King James I crowned 24 Mar.

1605  The Gunpowder Plot.

1623  George Breech married Mary Pickhurst (see Generations One to Five).

King Charles I

1626  King Charles I crowned 2 Feb.

1640  Thomas Breach born (see Generations One to Five).

1642 – 1660  English Civil War.

1649  King Charles I beheaded 20 Jan.

Oliver Cromwell

1653  Oliver Cromwell becomes Lord Protector.

1658  Death of Oliver Cromwell, succeeded by son Richard.

1661  Thomas Breach (b. 1640) married Clemence Fryar 30 May.

King Charles II

1661  King Charles II crowned 23 Apr (The Restoration).

1662  Nicholas Breach born (see Generations One to Five).

1665  The Great plague of London, 60,000 killed.

1666  The Great fire of London.

King James II

1681 Thomas Breach (b. 1640 married his second wife, Susannah Ashdown 1 July (see Generations One to five).

1685  James II crowned 23 Apr.

1686  Richard Breach born (see Generations One to Five).

1689  William III and Mary of Orange crowned 11 Apr.

King William and Queen Mary of Orange


The 1700's

Queen Anne

1702  Queen Anne crowned 23 Apr.

1712  Last execution for witchcraft in Great Britain.

King George I

1714  King George I crowned 20 Oct.

1716 Richard Breach (b. 1686) married Elizabeth Baker 30 Oct (see Generations One to Five).

1717  Richard Breach born (see Generations One to Five).

King George II

1727  King George II Crowned Oct.

1741  Richard Breach (b. 1717) married Elizabeth Copper 16 Nov (see Generations One to Five).

1742  Thomas Breach born (see Generation Six).

King George III

1761  George III (mad King George) crowned 22 Sept.

1769  Thomas Breach (b. 1742) married Sarah Knight 9 Apr (see Generation Six).

1775 – 83  American War of Independence.

1776  Richard Breach born (see Generation Seven).

1780  Movement for the abolition of slavery begins.

1789  Beginning of the French Revolution.


The 1800's

1801 Richard Breach (b. 1776) married Elizabeth Dennis (see Generation Seven).

1803 – 15  The Napoleonic Wars.

1805  Battle of Trafalgar.

1813  Jane Austen’s ‘Pride and Prejudice’ published.

1814  Richard Breach born (see Generation Eight).

1815  Battle of Waterloo.

King George IV

1821  George IV crowned 19 Jul.

1829  George Stephenson builds the Rocket. 

King William IV

1830  William IV crowned 26 June.

Queen Victoria

1838  Queen Victoria crowned 28 June.

1841  Richard Breach (b. 1814) married Mary Cheal 11 Dec (see Generation Eight).

1847  David Breach born 9 Feb (see Generation Nine).

1854 – 56  Crimean War.

1861 – 65  American Civil War.

1861  Charles Dickens ‘Great Expectations’ published.

1867  David Breach (b. 1847) married Elizabeth Fairhall 9 Feb (see Generation Nine).

1872  Albert Walter Breach born 31 Dec (see Generation Ten).

1876  The telephone is patented by Alexander Graham Bell.

1893  Henry Ford builds his first motor car.

1899 – 1902  Second Boer War.


The 1900's

King Edward VII

1901  Edward VII crowned 22 Jan.

1901 - 1902 Albert Walter Breach (b. 1872) fought in the Second Boer War in South Africa (see Generation Ten).

1902  Albert Walter Breach (b. 1872) married Helen Lavinia Read Hall 26 Dec (see Generation Ten).

1906  The Suffrage movement is launched by Emmeline Pankhurst.

1907  David Percy Breach born 25 Nov (see Generation Eleven).

King George V

1910   George V crowned 6 May.

1914 – 18  World War I.

1925  John Logie Baird gives his first public demonstration of television.

1930  David Percy Breach (b. 1907) married Nora Fox 29 March. David Norman Breach born 24 Sept (see Generations Eleven and Twelve).

King Edward VIII

1936  Edward VIII crowned 20 Jan. Abdication of King Edward VIII 11 Dec.

King George VI

1936 King George VI crowned 11 December.

1939 – 45  World War II.

1950 – 53  Korean War.

Queen Elizabeth II

1952  Elizabeth II crowned.

1956  Suez crisis.

1961  David Norman Breach married Muriel 25 Mar (see Generation Twelve).

1963  Assassination of President JF Kennedy.

1969  First man on the moon.

2000  The Millennium.

Compiled by Alison Vainlo 2018