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Sunday, 11 March 2018

Relationship Path 1 - Breach to Trudeau - 1788 - 1971

This stand alone post illustrates the relationship path that links the Sussex Breaches to Canada's most famous political family, the Trudeau's.


A few years ago I was stunned to get a comment from an anonymous source on one of my posts detailing the connection between my line of Breaches and the Canadian Prime Minister, well, two Prime Ministers really, father and son, Pierre and Justin Trudeau. 

The relationship path is simply that, a straight path linking one individual born in Sussex in 1788 with another, born in Canada in 1971. There are no deviations to take in other family members along the way, just a list of parents and children through the years. 

The starting point of this relationship path is in Generation Six, and concerns one of the children of Thomas Breach (b. 1742) and Sarah Knight (b. 1744). Their seventh and youngest child Keturah (b. 1788) is at the head of this path, which continues as follows:

Keturah Breach (b. 1788) Westdean, Sussex. Married George Cook in about 1815.

Thomas Cook (b. 1826). Married Sarah Langridge (b. 1827) in 1850.

Laura Keturah Cook (b. 1851). Married Thomas Intveld Purvis (b. 1837) in 1869.

Annie Oliphant Cornelia Purvis. Married Charles Grant Bugden Bernard in 1889.

Thomas Kirkpatrick Bernard. Married Rose Edith Ivans in 1917.

Doris Kathleen Bernard (b. 1920). Married James Sinclair (b. 1908 Scotland) in 1940. 

Margaret Joan Sinclair (b. 1948). Married Joseph Philippe Pierre Yves Elliott Trudeau (b. 1919) 1971, 15th Prime Minister of Canada (1968 - 1979)(1980 - 1984).

Justin Pierre James Trudeau (b. 1971), 23rd Prime Minister of Canada (2015 - present). 

Pierre Trudeau

Margaret Sinclair (Trudeau)

Justin Trudeau


Alison Vainlo 2018.

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