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Sunday, 11 March 2018

Associated Line AL3 - The Copper Family 1594 - 1747

This ancestral line merges the Dumbrell family (AL2), the Young family (AL1), and the Copper family (AL3), before joining the Main Breach Ancestral Line through Richard Breach (b. 1718) and Elizabeth Copper (b. 1722)(Generation Five). Names in bold type continue the ancestral line down.

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East Sussex Map

The Copper family lived in East Blatchington, East Sussex.


First Branch Generation
AG1 - WW Coper and Unknown 1594 - 1615
It is not known what the initials WW stand for but an educated guess at one of them being William or Wylliam might prove correct. WW was born in 1594, as was his wife, although I could find no trace of her name. No date for the marriage was found, and only one child was found, Wylliam, born in 1615.

Wylliam continues the ancestral line down.


Second Branch Generation

AG2 - Wylliam Copper and Joane Younge 1615 – 1654
Wylliam was born in 1615 in Slinfold, Sussex, the son of W W Coper and his wife (surname not known). Wylliam married Joane Younge (b. 1620) on the 19th of June 1637 in East Blatchington. The couple had nine children, all born in East Blatchington, as follows:
  1. Joane (b. 1638)
  2. Susann (b. 1640)
  3. Elenor (b. 1642)
  4. John (b. 1644)
  5. George (b. 1647) George continues this ancestral line below.
  6. Elizabeth (b. 1648)
  7. Susan (b. 1651)
  8. Richard (b. 1652)
  9. William (b. 1654)


Third Branch Generation

AG3 - George Copper and Frances Dumbrell 1647 – 1694
George was born in 1647 in East Blatchington, the son of Wylliam Copper and Joane Younge. George married Frances Dumbrell (b. 1657) (daughter of Richard Dumbrell and Ann Jesley) on the 29th of May 1684 in East Blatchington. The couple had six children, as follows:
  1. Susanna (b. 1684)
  2. George (b. 1686)
  3. John (b. 1688)
  4. Thomas (b. 1689) Thomas continues this ancestral line below.
  5. Richard (b. 1691)
  6. Anne (b. 1694)


Fourth Branch Generation

AG4 - Thomas Copper and Elizabeth (Unknown) 1689 – 1724  
Thomas Copper was born in 1689, in East Blatchington, Sussex, and died in 1747. He was the son of George Copper and Frances Dumbrell. He married Elizabeth (surname not known) (b. 1692)  and they had three children, as follows: 
  1. Thomas (b. 1719)
  2. Elizabeth (b. 1722). Married Richard Breach (b. 1718) in Hailsham, Sussex. Their son, Thomas Breach (b. 1742) continues the main Breach ancestral line in Generation Six (see below).
  3. William (b. 1724)


Family Tree


Thanks to Ian Cooper for the information contained in this post.

Alison Vainlo 2018

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