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Sunday, 11 March 2018

Generation Seven - Richard Breach and Elizabeth Dennis 1776 - 1855

This is Generation Seven of the Main Ancestral Line. Use the links to go forward and back and the main ancestral chart to navigate. Names in bold type continue the ancestral line down.


East Sussex Map

This generation of the Breach family lived in East Sussex. Places include, Alfriston, Brighton, Eastbourne, Lewes, Newhaven and Westdean. 


G7 - Richard Breach and Elizabeth Dennis 1776 - 1855
Richard Breach was born on the 28th of April 1776, the son of Thomas Breach (b.1742) and Sarah Knight (b. 1744) in Westdean, Sussex. Richard married Elizabeth Dennis (b. 1777) in 1801 at All Saints Church, Westdean. He worked as an agricultural labourer and they lived at New Barn, Fox Hole, Westdean. Richard died there on the 18th of February 1855.

Elizabeth Dennis was born in 1777, the daughter of William Dennis (b. 1751) and Hannah Freers (b. 1754). Elizabeth died in 1841.

The Grandparents and Gt Grandparents of Elizabeth Dennis:

Thomas Dennis and Barbara Earle 
William's parents were Thomas Dennis (b.1725) (d.1767) and Barbara Earle (b.1730) (d.1792). 

Thomas Earle and Elizabeth Thomas
Barbara Earle’s parents were Thomas Earle (b.1700) (d.1761) and Elizabeth Thomas (b. c1701), Elizabeth died in 1750.

Richard and Elizabeth had nine children as follows:

Rebecca was born on the 17th of April and died on the 25th of April 1802 in Westdean.

Thomas was born in 1803 in Westdean. He married Lucy Mewett (b.1816) on the 23rd of November 1844 in Newhaven, Sussex. The couple had three children. Thomas died on the 10th of May 1869, and Lucy died on the 20th May 1889.

This line continues in the post Branch Line BL3 - Thomas Breach and Lucy Mewett 1803 - 1947.

Keturah was born in 1805 in Westdean. She married John Stace (b. 1805) (son of George and Phoebe Stace) on the 26th of April 1830 in Westdean. They lived in Alfriston, Sussex and had one daughter, also named Keturah, born in 1831. John worked as an agricultural labourer. John died in 1876 and Keturah died in 1885.

Their daughter, Keturah married James Deadman on the 15th of December 1861 in Alfriston. Keturah had an illegitimate son, George Stace, who was born on the 1st of May 1853.

William was the born in 1807 in Westdean. William never married and remained with his parents until he was in his thirties, after which he boarded with his brother Richard and wife Mary. He worked as an agricultural labourer and died in 1876.

Henry was born in 1809 in Westdean. He married Mary French (b. 1813 in Alfriston) (daughter of Samuel French and Harriet Levett) on the 28th of July 1832 in Westdean. They had six children as follows:

  1. Charles (b. 1833, d. 1911) Married Jane Marchant (b. 1840) in 1859.
  2. Frances (b. 1835) Married Robert Osbon (b. 1835) in 1855.
  3. George (b. 1837, d. 1925) Married Selina Kemp Marchant (b. 1836) in 1861. They had three children, Beadsman Henry (b. 1862), Rosina (b. 1866), Richard James (b. 1877).
  4. Mary Ann Harriet (b. 1848) Married John Beney (b. 1847) in 1873.
  5. Caroline (b. 1851) Married James Henry Homes (b. 1852) in 1876.
  6. Elizabeth (b. 1854) Married James Anthony Collington (b. 1849) in 1875.

Henry died in 1880 and Mary died in 1882.

Some of the above families have also been fully researched but are not included in this project. Contact me for more details. 

Elizabeth was born in 1811 in Westdean. She married John Stevens (b. 1812) on the 3rd of August 1833 in Westdean. Their daughter Jane, was born in 1844 in Brighton. John Stevens died in 1875 in Brighton and Elizabeth died in 1882 in Lewes.

G8 - Richard
Richard was born in 1814 in Westdean. He married Mary Cheal (b. 14th June 1818, in Westdean) (daughter of Edward Cheal and Jane Potter) on the 11th of December 1841 in All Saints Church, Westdean. The couple had nine children. Richard died on the 17th of July 1903, and Mary died on the 4th of April 1887.

Richard continues the main ancestral line in Generation Eight, see below.

Jane was born in 1816 and died on the 7th of May 1820 in Westdean.

Barbara was born in 1818 in Westdean. She married John Waller (b. 1818, in Westdean) (son of James Waller and Lucy Cousens) on the 27th of December 1837 and they had nine children, all born in Westdean, as follows:
  1. James (b.1840)
  2. David (b.1843)
  3. Martha (b.1846)
  4. John (b.1848)
  5. Elizabeth (b.1851)
  6. Jesse (b.1854)(male)
  7. Esther (b.1855)
  8. Sarah (b.1858, d. 1881), Sarah married Richard Marchant (b. 1844 in Westham, Sussex, d. 1912)(son of Thomas Marchant and Mary unknown) in 1880 in Eastbourne. 
  9. Lucy Ann (b. 1862)
Brabara's husband John, worked as an agricultural labourer up to the 1881 census where he is described as a gardener. According to the 1891 census John was then working as a stationer and news agent in Eastbourne. He died in 1892.

The 1901 census shows Barbara, now a widow (aged eighty three) living at number three Bakers Road, Eastbourne with her daughter Elizabeth and brother Richard (aged eighty seven) now widowed from Mary Cheal. Barbara's daughter Elizabeth, was aged fifty and had never married; she was working as a daily cook. 

Barbara died in 1903.

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