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Sunday, 11 March 2018

Associated Line AL4 - The Cheal Family 1694 - 1929

This Branch line follows ancestors of Mary Cheal (b. 1818), wife of Richard Breach (b. 1814) from Generation Eight of the Main Ancestral Breach Line. Names in bold type continue the ancestral line down.

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East Sussex Map

The Cheal family lived in Westdean, East Sussex.


First Branch Generation

AG1 - William Cheale and Lydia Stephens 1694 - 1734
Nothing is known of William Cheale, except that he married Lydia Stephens (b. 1694) c. 1727. They had four children as follows:
  1. Female (b. 1728) 
  2. George (b. 1730) (Twin?) George continues the ancestral line down.
  3. Richard (b. 1730) (Twin?)
  4. Thomas (b. 1734)

Second Branch Generation
AG2 - George Cheale and Ann Rowlley 1730 - 1766
George was born in 1730, the son of William Cheale and Lydia Stephens (b. 1694). He married Ann Rowlley (b. 1730) on the 9th of March 1752 in Westdean. They had seven children as follows:

  1. William (b. 1752)
  2. Mary (b. 1754)
  3. Lydia (b. 1755) 
  4. Elizabeth (b. 1757)
  5. Edward (b. 1759)
  6. Thomas (b. 1761) Thomas continues the ancestral line down.
  7. Ann (b. 1763)

Ann died in 1766 but there was no record of George’s death.


Third Branch Generation

AG3 - Thomas Cheale and Jane Chapman 1761 - 1827
Thomas was born in 1761 in Westdean, the son of George Cheale (b. 1730) and Ann Rowlley (b. 1730). He married Jane Chapman (b. 1766) (daughter of Thomas Chapman (b. 1740, d. 1806) and Jane Butler (b. 1741, d. 1803) and they had five children as follows:

  1. William (b. 1786)
  2. Thomas (b. 1788) Married Sarah Marchant in 1812, and they had eight children; John Thomas (b. 1817), Caroline (b. 1819), Martin (b. 1823), William Marchant (b. 1827) Ruth (b. 1830), Eleanor (b. 1832)(she married her first cousin, Edward Cheal (b. 1827) (see below), George (b. 1832), James (b. 1835).
  3. George (b. 1791)
  4. Edward (b. 1793) Edward continues the ancestral line down.
  5. Charlotte (b. 1797)

Thomas died in 1815 and Jane died in 1827.


Fourth Branch Generation
AG4 - Edward Cheal and Jane Potter 1793 - 1871
Edward was born in 1793 in Westdean, the son of Thomas Cheale (b. 1761) and Jane Chapman (b. 1766). He married Jane Potter (b. 1792) and they had nine children, all born in Westdean. Edward worked as an agricultural labourer. Jane died in 1868 and Edward died in 1871 while he was living with his daughter, Mary and her husband Richard Breach.

Edward and Jane had nine children as follows:

1. John 

John was born in 1816 in Westdean. John worked as an agricultural labourer. 

 AG5 - Mary 

Mary was born on the 14th of June 1818. She married Richard Breach (b. 1814) (son of Richard Breach and Elizabeth Dennis) on the 11th of December 1841 in Westdean. They had nine children:

  1. Emma (b. 1842)
  2. Sarah Ann (b. 1843)
  3. Jane (b. 1845)
  4. David (b. 1847) David continues the ancestral line down in Generation Eight, see link below.
  5. James (b. 1848)
  6. Albert (b. 1851)
  7. Frederick (b. 1853)
  8. Charles (b. 1855)
  9. George Henry (b. 1860)

3. David 

David was born in 1820 in Westdean. David worked as an agricultural labourer.

4. Joseph 

Joseph was born in 1822 in Westdean. He never married and remained with his parents until the 1871 census where I found him boarding with George Breach (b. 1837) (son of Henry Breach and Mary French) and his wife Selina Kemp Marchant (b.1835) (daughter of Thomas Marchant and Sarah unknown), while working as an agricultural labourer (Joseph and George had been neighbours in childhood). By 1881 George and Selina had moved to Friston and Joseph, now a pauper was found in the Union Workhouse, Eastbourne where he probably died in 1883 aged sixty two.

5. Charles 
Charles was born in 1825 in Westdean.

6. Edward 

Edward was born around 1827 in Westdean. He worked as an agricultural labourer at first but by the 1851 census he was working as a shepherd at the farm of John Elles in Westdean. He married his first cousin Eleanor Cheal (b. 1832) (daughter of Thomas Cheal and Sarah Marchant) (see Third Branch Generation above) in 1850 and had ten children as follows:

  1. David (b. 1851)
  2. Charles (b. 1853)
  3. Alice (b. 1855)
  4. Miriam Ruth (b. 1858, d. 1929) Married Frederick Breach (b. 1853, d. 1943)(son of Richard Breach and Mary Cheal) on the 16th of December 1876 in Westdean. They had eight children: Annie Eleanor Mary (b. 1877), Alice Louisa (b. 1879), Charles Frederick (b. 1885), Ruth (b. 1886), Sarah (b. 1891), Elizabeth b. 1893), Albert Edward (b. 1895, d. 2 Aug 1917, buried at Dozinghem Military Cemetery, Belgium), Margaret (b. 1897). 
  5. Sarah Louisa (b. 1860)
  6. Thomas Henry (b. 1862)
  7. Mary Jane (b. 1864)
  8. Emily (b. 1867)
  9. William George (b. 1869) 
  10. Albert James (b. 1871)
Eleanor died sometime before the 1891 census.

7. William 
William was born in 1829 in Westdean. He died in 1836.

8. Ann 
Ann was born around 1831 in Westdean. She is on the 1841 census with her parents, aged nine but I could not locate any other returns for her until 1891 where I found her listed as Ann Mockett, a widow living with her brother Edward (b. 1827) after the death of his wife Eleanor Cheal (1832). I then found her working as a servant in Eastbourne on the 1901 census. I later found that Ann had married Henry William Mockett (b. 1824 in Selmeston, Sussex) in 1855 in Eastbourne. Henry died in 1884 in Lewes. No children have been found.

Sarah was born in 1834 in Westdean.


Family Tree


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