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Sunday, 11 March 2018

Generations One to Five - Breach 1592 - 1743

This is the top of the Breach family Main Ancestral Line and your starting point. This post covers the Generations One to FiveNames in bold type continue the ancestral line down.

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East Sussex Map

These early generations of the Breach family lived in East Sussex. Places include, Buxted, Eastbourne, East Dean, East Hoathly, Herstmonceaux, Jevington and Westdean.


First Generation
G1 - George Breech and Mary Pickhurst c.1592 - 1640
George Breech was born 1592, possibly the son of another George or a Thomas Breach. Mary Pickhurst was born in 1595, daughter of Richard Pickhurst. George and Mary married on the 10th of June 1623 in East Hoathly, Sussex. They had five children as follows:
  1. George (b. 1623) Laughton, Sussex
  2. Thomas (b. 1628) Herstmonceaux, Sussex
  3. Marie (b. 1630) Herstmonceaux, Sussex
  4. Edward (b. 1636) Buxted, Sussex
  5. Thomas (b. 1640) Sussex. Thomas continues the main ancestral line below.
The death dates of George and Mary are not known at this time.


Second Generation
G2 - Thomas Breach and Clemence Fryar (1) and Susannah Ashdown (2) 1640 – 1709
Thomas was born in 1640 in Buxted, Sussex, the son of George Breech and Mary Pickhurst. He married Clemence Fryar (b. 1642)(dau of Nicholas Fryar and Elizabeth Meritie) on the 30th of May 1661 in Eastbourne. They had eleven children, all born in Eastbourne, as follows:
  1. Nicholas (b. 1662) Nicholas continues the main ancestral line below.
  2. Jane (b. 1665) (d. 1666)
  3. Elizabeth (b. 1666) (d. 1666)
  4. Elizabeth (b. 1668)
  5. John (b. 1670)
  6. Mary (b. 24 Jul 1672)
  7. Anne (b.1674)
  8. Judeth (b. 1676) Married William Paine 20 Jul 1704, Eastbourne.
  9. Jane (b. 1678)
  10. Michael (b. 1681) (d. Jul 1681)
  11. Sarah (b. 1681) (d. 1681)

The last two children were twins and appear to have died soon after birth. Clemence did not survive long after giving birth, she was buried in July 1681 along with her son Michael.

The parents of Clemence Fryar:

Nicholas and Elizabeth Fryar 
Nicholas was born in 1610 and Elizabeth Meritie, his wife was born in 1614. They married on the 5th of May 1635 in Eastbourne and had two children, Clemence in 1642 and Nicholas, who was born on the 7th of September 1645.

The marriage of Thomas Breach to Susannah Ashdown seems to have caused considerable confusion among those researching this line. For a long time it was assumed by many that Thomas and Clemence must have had a son called Thomas around 1662 due to the age of Susannah (she was born in 1663), but no-one ever found a baptism record for a Thomas during this time period. It is now becoming accepted that Thomas, widower of Clemence Fryar is the same Thomas who went on to marry Susannah Ashdown.

Surmising that Thomas was left with a brood of small children following the death of Clemence and their twins, he married again quickly. In fact, if the records are correct it seems he may have married Susannah before his previous wife had even been put in the ground! 

The marriage of Thomas Breach and Susannah Ashdown is recorded as taking place on the 1st of July 1681 in East Dean. They had four children of their own as follows, all were baptised in Eastbourne:
  1. Susannah (b. 1685)
  2. Sarah (b. 1688)
  3. John (b. 1689) John continues in Branch Line BL1 - Suffolk Breaches 1662 - 2008
  4. Katherine (b. 1692)

Susannah died in 1706 and Thomas died in June 1709.


Third Generation
G3 - Nicholas and Elizabeth Breach 1662 – 1700
Nicholas was born in 1662, the son of Thomas Breach and Clemence Fryar. Nicholas married Elizabeth (surname not known), and they lived in Westdean, Sussex. They had six children as follows:
  1. Thomas (b.1683) (d. 1683) Thomas lived only four days.
  2. Nicholas (b. 1684) 
  3. Richard (b. 1686) (d. 1743) Richard continues the main ancestral line below.
  4. John (b. 1688)
  5. Thomas (b. 1697)
  6. Ann (b. 1700)

There may have been two other children - Elizabeth (b. 1689) and Mare (b. 1695), but no baptisms can be found for them at present.


Fourth Generation
G4 - Richard and Elizabeth Baker 1686 – 1743
Richard was born in 1686, and died in 1743. He was the son of Nicholas Breach and Elizabeth (surname unknown). He married Elizabeth Baker on the 30th of October 1716 in Jevington, Sussex.  They had two children as follows, both born in Jevington:
  1. Richard (b. 1717) Richard continues the main ancestral line below.
  2. Elizabeth (b. 1720)
Richard died on the 7th of April 1743 in Jevington.


Fifth Generation
G5 - Richard Breach and Elizabeth Copper 1717 - 
Richard was born on the 17th of August 1717 in Jevington, Sussex, the son of Richard Breach and Elizabeth Baker. He married Elizabeth Copper (b. 1722 in Eastbourne) (daughter of Thomas Copper and Elizabeth Shoesmith) on the 16th of November 1741 in St Mary's Church, Hailsham. Their son G6Thomas was born in 1742 in Eastbourne.

Thomas continues the main ancestral line on the next page, see below. 

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Alison Vainlo 2018

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