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Sunday, 11 March 2018

Branch Line BL2 - Steyning Breaches 1752 - 1925

This is a further branch of Branch Line B1, and follows the second son of John Breach (b. 1721) and Mary Sargeant (b. 1727). Names in bold type continue the ancestral line down.

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East Sussex Map

This branch of the Breach family lived mostly in the Steyning area of West Sussex.


Fifth Branch Generation
BG5 - Benjamin Breach and Joanna Baldy 1752 - 1823
Benjamin was born in 1752, the son of John Breach (b. 1721) and Mary Sargeant (b. 1727). He married Joanna Baldy (b. 1765) (daughter of Richard Baldy and Mary Howell), on the 27th of August 1787, in Hamsey Sussex. They had nine children as follows:
  1. Elizabeth (b. 1787 Hamsey, d. 1787)
  2. Richard (b. 1788 Hamsey, d. 1860) Married Harriet Thorp (b. 1792, d. 1861).
  3. Elizabeth (b. 1791 Steyning) Married George Compton on the 13th of April 1813, in Steyning.
  4. Philadelphia (b. 1792 Steyning)
  5. Sarah (b. 1794 Steyning)
  6. Benjamin (b. 1797 Steyning, d. 1846) Benjamin married Charlotte Herbert (b. 1795, d. 1824) in 1821, in Findon, Sussex.
  7. George Thomas (b. 10 Nov 1799 Steyning, d. 1867) George continues this line below.  
  8. John (b. 1801 Steyning, d. 1803)
  9. Esther (b. 1813 Steyning, d. 1824)
Benjamin died on the 2nd of March 1823.


Sixth Branch Generation
BG6 - George T Breach and Mary Mitchell 1799 - 1867    
George Thomas was born on the 10th of November 1799, in Steyning, Sussex, the son of Benjamin Breach (b. 1752) and Joanna Baldy (b. 1765). He married Mary Mitchell (b. 11 Oct 1801 Wiston) (daughter of William Mitchell and Elizabeth unknown) on the 1st of August 1820 in Wiston, Sussex. George worked as a wool-stapler and parchment manufacturer (see Related Article 2). They had five children, all born in Steyning:
  1. George (b. 1821, d. 1831)
  2. Robert (b. 1824, d. 31 Mar 1880)
  3. Edwin (b. 1828, d. 1877) Edwin continues this line below.
  4. Mary Ann (b. 16 Jan 1831, d. 11 May 1888) Married Frederick Hammond (b. 12 Jan 1829 Chiltington, d. 4 May 1893).
  5. George Thomas (b. 1833, d. 4 Oct 1881)   
George died on the 15th of May 1867, and Mary died in 1853. 


Seventh Branch Generation  
BG7 - Edwin Breach and Sarah A Hearn 1824 - 1904
Edwin was born in 1828, in Steyning, the son of George T Breach (b. 1799) and Mary Mitchell (b. 1801). He married Sarah Anna Hearn (b. 1824, Arreton, Isle of Wight) (daughter of Brown Hearn, and Sarah unknown) on the 11th of May 1852, in Whippingham, Isle of Wight. They had five children, all born in Steyning, Sussex as follows: 

BG8 - William Powell  
William was born on the 4th of March 1853. He married firstly, Mary Michell (b. 1854) on the 29th of July 1875, and had six children. He married secondly, Mary Tighe (b. 1857) in 1891, and had a further five children. William died on the 18th of September 1920 in Steyning.
William continues this line below.  

2. Edwin 
Edwin was born on the 6th of May 1854. He married Elizabeth Hampton (b. 3 Aug 1855) (daughter of George Hampton and Mary unknown) on the 22nd of September 1880, in Findon, Sussex. They had five children:
  1. Dora (b. 1881) Married Percy Herbert (b. 1878) on the 9th of December 1919 in Hove, Sussex.
  2. George Thomas (b. 1882, d. 19 Jan 1962)
  3. Hilda (b. 1884) Married Arthur Flowers (b. 1870) on the 4th of October 1910 in Hove, Sussex.
  4. Rhoda Irene (b. 14 May 1889) Married Richard Ewhurst Porter (b. 1887) on the 6th of June 1917 in Hove, Sussex. 
  5. Ethel Elizabeth Hampton (b. 6 Mar 1894, d. 8 Jun 1977) Married John Gage Norman (b. 1894, d. 7 Oct 1967) on the 1st of March 1920, in Steyning. They had three children, Ivor John Gage Norman, Michael Hampton Norman, and Valerie Joan Norman (possibly living).
 Edwin died on the 9th of June 1911, and Elizabeth died in 1939.

3. Harry Elliott 
Harry was born on the 25th of November 1855. He married Catherine Ann Airey (b. 26 May 1852) (daughter of George Airey and Sarah unknown), on the 21st of April 1881, in Tormoham, Devon. They had nine children, all born in Chichester, Sussex:
  1. Wilfred Patteson (b. 26 Jan 1882, d. 27 Jul 1963) Married Ida May Willis (b. 16 Apr 1887), on the 17th of July 1908. They had one child, Jean Patteson (b. 19 Feb 1913).
  2. May (b. 1 Jun 1883, d. 1945)
  3. Janet (b. 16 Feb 1885, d. 1975) Married George Charles King (b. 1887, Vauxhall, London) on the 22nd of April 1909 in Battersea, London. They had one daughter Janet Patricia (b. 17 Mar 1914, d. 2003).
  4. Elliot (b. 20 Oct 1886, d. 4 Nov 1965) Married Rose Elizabeth Bellinger (b. 2 Jun 1888, d. 9 Jun 1972) on the 27th of February 1911 in Chichester, Sussex. They had three children, all born in Honiton, Sussex: Muriel Catherine (b. 1912), Hugh E (b. 1914) and Gilbert R (b. 1915).
  5. Olive (b. 23 Jul 1888) Married Harry Herbert Stubbs (b. 1887) on the 26th of October 1915 in Westhampnett, Sussex. They had one son, Richard (b. 1916).
  6. Hugh Everard (b. 23 Dec 1889, d. 1965) Married Edith Smith (b. 20 Jun 1889, d. 1974) on the 18th of January 1919 in Horsham.
  7. Gladys (b. 29 Apr 1892) Married Thomas Murfitt Jones, and they had one daughter, Catherine J, and two sons (unknown).
  8. Rodney (b. 4 Apr 1893, d. 1974) Married Ella Jane Escott (b. 1910, d. 1963). Rodney and Ella lived in New Zealand, and they had two children: Robin (b. 1932, d. 1938) and Derrick Rodney (b. 31 Oct 1933, d. 1996), Derrick was a mathematician at University of Canterbury, Christchurch, New Zealand.
  9. Gilbert Hearn (b. 18 Oct 1896, d. 17 Oct 1916, missing in France).
Harry died on the 10th of April 1905, and Catherine died on the 7th of June 1905.

4. Percy 
Percy was born on the 11th of October 1857, he died on the 19th of September 1931, in Steyning.

5. Mary 
Mary was born on the 18th of August 1859. She married Ernest Gates (b. 1865) on the 22nd of October 1886 in St Martin's in the Fields, Middlesex. They had four children:
  1. Winifred Mary (b. 1887, Strand, London) Married Clement Ethelstan Smith, on the 10th of August 1915, in Hove, Sussex.
  2. George Stewart (b. 1889, Steyning, Sussex)
  3. Frederick Duncan (b. 1892, Sussex)  
  4. Phyllis Louise Sarah (b. 1894, Cuckfield, Sussex).
Mary died on the 25th of March 1935, in Steyning, Sussex.
Edwin died in 1877, and Sarah died in 1904.  


Eighth Branch Generation
BG8 - William P Breach and Mary Michell (1) and Mary Tighe (2) 1853 - 1925
William was born on the 4th of March 1853 in Steyning, Sussex, the son of Edwin Breach (b. 1828) and Sarah Anna Hearn (b. 1824). He married twice, firstly to Mary Michell (b. 7 Nov 1854, Steyning )(daughter of Mark Michell and Harriet Hampton) on the 29th of July 1875 in Steyning. They had six children, all born in Steyning as follows:
  1. Powell Michell (b. 1877, d. 28 Feb, 1961) Married Louisa Kate Humphrey (b. 1873, d. 31 Mar 1916). they had one son, Arthur Michell (b. 1903).
  2. Robert (b. 1878) Married Mabel Brooker (b. 1875, Dorking, Surrey) in 1910, in London. They had one son Robert J (b. 1911 in Hove, Sussex).  
  3. Mabel Harriett (b. 22 Mar 1879, d. 23 Oct, 1879).
  4. Mary Mildred (b. 17 Apr 1880, d. 3 Jan 1951) Married James Duke (b. 19 May 1873, Steyning, d. 3 Oct 1958), on the 27th of October 1903 in Steyning. They had four children, all born in Droxford, Hampshire: Mary (b. 1904), Thomas James (b. 12 Nov 1907, d. 1998, Winchester, Hampshire), Mildred Hope ( b. 1908), and Robert Ayshford (b. 1917).
  5. Harold (b. 1882, d. 1935, Gloucester) Married Annie Ludkin Curtis (b. 1879, Gloucester, d. 1949, Newbury) in 1908, in Gloucester. They had three children: Harold Joseph (b. 21 Dec 1909, Plaistow, London, d. 1983, Gloucester), Mildred (b. 7 Jul 1912, Gloucester, d. 1996, Selby, Yorkshire), and Leslie (male)(b. 1913, Gloucester).
  6. Lillian Maud (b. 1886, d. 1914, Fulham, London).
Mary died on the 2nd of October 1888 in Steyning.

William married his second wife, Mary Tighe (b. 11 Sep 1857, Hackney, Middlesex) (daughter of Charles Tighe and Mary Ann Dale Stead) in 1891, in Bromley, Kent. They had five children, all born in Steyning as follows:
  1. Marjory Eleanor (b. 1891)
  2. Dorothy Florence (b. 8 Aug 1892, d. 7 Aug 1979)
  3. Cicely (b. 1894, d. 1967) Married Sydney Henry Holland (b. 17 Mar 1883) on the 28th of July 1917. They settled in Argentina and had two children: Evelyn Rachel Torlesse (b. 29 Sep 1919, d. 1992 Worthing Sussex), and Stratton Henry David (b. Feb 1923).
  4. Barbara (b. 1898) Married Philip Horsley Flood-Page on the 10th of January 1920, in Steyning, Sussex.  
  5. Christopher (b. 17 Aug 1900, d. 22 May 1940) Married Leslie Monica Suthers in 1925. They had two children: Nicholas Powell and Christopher George. Christopher was a Captain in the Royal Artillery, 32 Field Regiment. He is buried at Le Grand Hasard Military Cemetery, Morbecque.
William Powell lived at Newham House in Steyning. He had inherited it from his first wife Mary Michell's family, and continued to live there with his second wife, until his death. He made some alterations to the house during his time there. He installed a wainscot dado in the dining room, which had been the front of the galleries in the local church. He also set up two discarded stone arched window frames in the garden, which had come from the south side of the church.

During his life William was a senior partner in the firm of G T Breach & Sons (Tanyard) (see Related Article 2). He was also a prominent townsman, a Justice of the Peace, a Trustee of the River Adur Navigation, a Commissioner of the Rape of Bramber of Bramber Sewage, and he was for many years, a governor of Steyning Grammar School. Further to this he was one of the first Directors of the Steyning Building Society after it was formed, and was elected as a member of the West Sussex County Council the year before he died. 

William Powell died on the 18th of September 1920, and Mary died in 1925. 

William Powell Breach with his second wife, Mary Tighe, and their children, at Newham House. 
Left to right: Dorothy, William Powell, Barbara, Cicely, Marjory, Christopher (baby), and Mary (Tighe).
William Powell Breach with the church windows he set up at Newham.
Steyning Cricket Team c.1876
Standing L to R: Edwin Breach, Percy Breach (brothers of William Powell Breach), W Clement, W Mitchell, W Meacham, William Powell Breach, J White, A Smart, and J Stedman.
Sitting L to R: J Skinner, J Airey, E Cripp, and Thomas Breach (could be George Thomas Breach, grandfather of William Powell Breach).


Family Tree  


Many thanks to Bonnie Dunn for information contained in this post.

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