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Sunday, 11 March 2018

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Hello, my name is Alison Vainlo, formerly Breach, and this is the story of my Breach ancestors, from the present day back to the 1500's. My genealogical journey starts in Sussex and travels the length of England, with overseas visits to Canada and the United States too, with many other family names linked in along the way. If you are a Breach or related to a Breach then this blog is the site for you.

Alison Vainlo (Breach)

How to Use this Site

I have arranged the posts on this site so that they start from the earliest Breach generations and come forward in time as you read down. Following on from the main Breach Ancestral Line posts are the Branch Line posts, followed by the Associated Family Line posts and finally, some stand alone, general interest posts. You will find a full list of posts in the right sidebar.

At the top of this page you will find the tabs, that's where you will find interesting articles, photos, ancestral charts, a list of surnames associated with the Breach family, general information, and a guide to researching your family history.

To differentiate between different branches of the family I have used the following keys throughout the site:

G = Generation - a letter 'G' is used on all posts pertaining to the Main Ancestral Line (the Breach pedigree line). This is followed by a number denoting which generation the post is about - e.g. G1 - is the earliest Breach family and G12 the most recent.

BL = Branch Line - the letters 'BL' are used on posts pertaining to Branch Lines included on this site. They are deviations from the Main Ancestral Line but are still Breaches. The numbers following the letters 'BL' are there just to identify the post.

AL = Associated Line - the letters 'AL' are used on posts pertaining to Associated Family Lines. These are families of other surnames linked to Breaches by marriage. The numbers following the letters 'AL' are there just to identify the post.

RP = Relationship Path - stand alone posts showing direct relationships between family members. The numbers following the letters 'RP' are just to identify the post.

Find posts by using the right sidebar, ancestral charts and surnames index. Posts contain links to each other as well as as other relevant pages. There is also a search facility in the right sidebar.


I hope you enjoy your visit to the Breach Family History blog, all comments are welcome.


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