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Sunday, 11 March 2018

Associated Line AL8 - The Fox Family 1801 - 1988

This branch line merges with the Harper line (AL7) before joining the Main Ancestral Breach Line through David P Breach (b. 1907) and Nora Fox (b. 1910) (Generation Eleven). Names in bold type continue the ancestral line down.

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Yorkshire Map

The Fox family lived in an area of Yorkshire called 'Ryedale'.  Before branching off to other parts of of the country. Places include, Barugh, Great Habton, Malton and Ryton.


First Branch Generation
AG1 - George Fox and Mary Wood 1801 – 1894
George was born in 1807 in Old Malton. He married Mary Wood (b. 1801) on the 27th of November 1831 at Malton. They lived at Woodend, Ryton, where George worked as a farm labourer. They had four children as follows: 
  1. Mary (b. 1832, d. 1839)
  2. George (b. 1835, d. 1895) George continues the ancestral line down below.
  3. Hannah (b. 1838, d. 1857)
  4. William (b. 1840, d. 1879)

George died in 1894. Mary died in 1876.


Second Branch Generation
AG2 - George Fox and Elizabeth Jackson 1830 – 1891
George Fox was born in 1835, in Ryton, the son of George Fox (b. 1807) and Mary Wood (b. 1801). George worked as a plough boy at Grange Farm, Knapton in the early 1850's.

He married a widow, Elizabeth Pearson (b. 1827) (daughter of Joseph Jackson and Ann unknown) in 1860. Elizabeth already had three children by her first husband, but she went on to have three more with George. 

George worked as an agricultural labourer and the family lived at Woodend Cottages in Ryton, however, by 1881 they had moved to nearby Great Habton.

George died in 1895.

Elizabeth Pearson (nee Jackson) was born in 1827 in Swinton, North Yorkshire, the daughter of Joseph Jackson and Ann unknown.

Elizabeth gave birth to an illegitimate daughter, Maria, in 1847. Maria was born in Malton Workhouse, it wasn’t unusual for unmarried women to find themselves at the mercy of the workhouse when pregnant, especially if their family shunned them.

Two years later, in 1849 Elizabeth married Francis Pearson (b. abt 1823 in Cloughton, North Yorkshire) in Malton. They lived in Swinton, near Malton and Francis worked as an agricultural labourer. They had three children as follows: 
  1. William (b. 1850, d. 1921) 
  2. Sarah Ann (b. 1852, d. 1859)
  3. Frances (b. 1854, d. 1903)  
Francis died in 1858 at around the age of 35.

Elizabeth married George Fox two years later in 1860, and had a further three children:
  1. Tom (b. 19 May 1861, d. 1942) Tom continues the ancestral line down below.
  2.  Robert (b. 24 Mar 1863, d. 1939)
  3. John William (b. 1867) 
Elizabeth's daughter Maria, eventually took on the 'Pearson' name, and had an illegitimate son, Frank H Pearson in 1885. The 1881 census for George and Elizabeth shows six year old Frank, who was with them at the time.

Elizabeth died in 1881, leaving George alone until his death in 1895. 


Tom Fox

Third Branch Generation
AG3 - Tom Fox and Emma Harper 1861 - 1950
Tom was born on the 19th of May 1861 in Ryton, the son of George Fox (b. 1835) and Elizabeth Jackson (b. 1827). tom and his two younger brothers lived at Woodend Cottages with his parents. He worked as a labourer on various farms before he married.

On the 19th of December 1892 Tom married Emma Harper (b. 25 Nov 1870) (daughter of Mary Ann Harper and unknown father), a single mother from nearby Habton. Emma had a two year old illegitimate daughter, Mary Ann (b. 1890). Following the marriage Tom and Emma lived at White Cottage, Barugh Lane in Barugh, North Yorkshire. Tom worked as a carter on a farm and the couple had nine daughters together.

Tom died on the 20th of January 1942, I have been told that he died suddenly while clipping a hedge. His death certificate states that he died of cardiac failure, gastritis and senility. 

Emma Harper
Emma Harper was born on the 25th of November 1870 in Great Habton, North Yorkshire. She was the first illegitimate child of Mary Ann Harper (b. 1845).
Emma’s life can be tracked through the census returns beginning in 1870 at only four months old, when she and her mother were living in a shared house in Wharram Le Street. Emma is named Emley on the census, either a mistake or a pet name but as she appears on the 1881 census as Emley again it seems likely that it was a pet name; on this census she is with her Grandmother Mary Harper, in Great Habton. 

As the census only shows who was where on one particular night I don’t know if she was living with her Grandmother or if she was just visiting; but as later records show, she seems to have stayed in the Malton area and does not appear on any other censuses with her mother. It seems her mother had married, moved to Derbyshire, and given birth to other children by the time of the 1881 census. From this evidence I get the impression that Emma was brought up by other family members, rather than her mother.

In 1890 Emma gave birth to an illegitimate daughter, Mary Ann. On the 1891 census Emma aged 21, was working as a general domestic servant at a farm house in Little Habton, while her nine month old daughter was being cared for by her aunt, Jane Davison (b. 1850) (daughter of John Harper and Mary Jackson) in nearby Great Habton.

Emma married Tom Fox on the 19th of December 1892. They lived in Barugh and had nine more daughters together.    

Emma died on the 14th of February 1950 in the Ryedale district of Yorkshire. Her death certificate states she died of myocarditis degeneration and senility.

Click here to continue to the Harper family - Associated Line AL7 - The Harper Family 1791 - 1950.

Tom and Emma had ten children altogether as follows:

1. Mary Ann Harper/Fox
Mary Ann (Emma’s daughter) was born in or around July 1890 (her father was unnamed). After finding her on the 1891 census in the care of her Mother’s Aunt Jane I can only conclude that Jane was taking care of Mary Ann while Emma worked. Tom Fox brought Mary Ann up as his own daughter and she is listed as a ‘Fox’ on the 1901 census. The 1911 census shows Mary Ann aged 20 and still living in the family home. Mary Ann never married and died in 1837 in Little Habton, Yorkshire.  

Fanny Elizabeth Fox

2. Fanny Elizabeth
Fanny was born on the 31st July 1893 in Great Barugh, near Pickering. She married John Dudding (b. 2nd March1891 in Malton) in 1915, and lived in Malton. They had five children as follows:
  1. William (b. 1919)
  2. Kathleen M (b. 1921) 
  3. Daphne M (b. 1922) Married Edward G Rowland in 1949, in Ryedale.
  4. Lawrence (Lol) (b. 1924) Married Sylvia Ward on the 15th of December 1955, at Goathland church, near Whitby, N Yorks.
  5. Geoffrey (b. 1928)

Fanny died in 1969 in Malton, and John died in 1953 in Malton.

Wedding of Daphne Dudding to Edward Rowland in 1949.
L to R. ?, ?, Edward Rowland, Daphne Dudding, Kathleen Dudding,
?, Fanny Dudding, (poss John Dudding), others far right unknown. 

Wedding of Lawrence Dudding to Sylvia Ward
December 15th 1955, Goathland Church


Edith Annie Fox
3. Edith Annie
Edith was born on the 24th of August 1894 in Great Barugh. She married Joseph Thompson (b. 17 Mar 1894) from Blackburn in Lancashire on the 24th of January 1920 in Lancaster. They had two children, born in Morecambe, Lancashire as follows:

  1. Joseph (b. 18 Apr 1920, d. 1993) Married Catherine Jane Rhodes 15th Aug 1945. They had two sons, Arnold in 1947 and John in 1949. He and Catherine divorced in the early 1950's and she emigrated to Vancouver, Canada with her second husband Anthony Eaton Atkinson. they had five children by 1962, the last being born in Los Angeles, California. Catherine and Anthony also divorced and Catherine married for the third time in 1969, to William Lee Dilts. William died in 1972 in Illinois. Catherine died in 2017 in the USA.
  2. Margaret (Peggy) (b. 28 Dec 1921, d. 2nd Nov 2003) Married John Casson in 1946 in Morecambe. They had two children, Margaret in 1948 and Peter in 1951. Margaret (elder) died in 2003 and John died in 2009.

Joseph Thompson and Catherine Rhodes wedding in 1945,
Margaret (Peggy)Thompson (later Casson) is bridesmaid on right.

John (left) and Arnold Thompson,
sons of Joseph and Catherine Thompson

Edith died on the 13th of November 1963 and Joseph died on the 28th of July 1939, both at Morecambe in Lancashire.


Dorothy Emma

4. Dorothy Emma 
Dorothy was born on the 4th of November 1895 in Great Barugh. She married Arthur Revis (b. 16 Feb 1892) in 1914, in Malton. They lived in Malton and had seven children as follows:   

  1. Thomas A (b. 1914)
  2. Muriel Annie (b. 1916)
  3. John W (b. 1917)
  4. Edith M (b. 1920)
  5. Lily (b. 1921)
  6. Frederick P (b. 1924) 
  7. Nora (b. 1926)

Muriel Annie Revis

Dorothy died in 1971 in Malton and Arthur died in 1986, in Scarborough.


Elsie May Fox

5. Elsie May
Elsie was born on the 5th of June 1897 in Great Barugh. She married Richard Harry Baron (b. 21 Mar 1894) (son of Wilson Baron and Emma Horner) in 1917, in Malton. They lived at Bempton, near Flamborough Head and had five children as follows:
  1. Wilson (b. 1920, d. 1966)
  2. Ethel M (b. 1921, d. 29 Dec 1991) Married Donald King (b. 1916, d. 12 Apr 1993) in 1942. they had two children, David (living) and Margaret (living).
  3. Edna Marie (b. 1923)
  4. Olive (Dolly) (b. 1924)
  5. Jessie (b. 1927)

Elsie died in 1967, while Richard died on the 27th of January 1969. 


6. Maud
Maud was born, and then died in the same quarter of 1900.


Ida Fox

7. Ida
Ida was born in March 1901 in Great Barugh. She married William White in 1925 in Bridlington. No trace of any children could be found. Ida died in 1958, in Bridlington.


Mildred Fox

8. Mildred
Mildred (Milly) Fox was born on the 10th of March 1903 in Great Barugh. She married James Smithson (b. 9 Nov 1895 in Slingsby, North Yorkshire) in 1924, in Malton and had three children as follows:
  1. Dorothy M (b. 1924)
  2. Margaret (b. 1926)
  3. Gwendoline M (b. 1929, d. 1929)

Mildred died in 1976 in York, and James died on the 10th of May 1955 in Slingsby, North Yorkshire.


Eva Fox

9. Eva
Eva was born on the 2nd of September 1907 in Great Barugh. She married Leslie Whitfield Matthews (b. 1904, in Knapton, North Yorkshire) in December 1929,  in Scarborough. Their son Alfred Whitfield was born on the 4th of December 1929 (d. Dec 2005).  Eva died in March 1985, in Bridlington, and Leslie died in 1965, in Knapton.                                                                                        


Nora Fox

AG4 - Nora
Nora was born on the 30th of April 1910 in Great Barugh, she married David Percy Breach (b. 1907, d. 1974) (the son of Albert Walter Breach and Helen Lavinia Read Hall) on the 29th of March 1930, in Kirkby Misperton, North Yorkshire. They had one son, David Norman (b. 24th September 1930). Nora and David Percy lived in Doncaster, South Yorkshire. Nora died on January 21st 1988, and David Percy died on the 9th of November 1974.


Family Tree

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