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Sunday, 11 March 2018

Branch Line BL1 - Suffolk Breaches 1662 - 2008

This branch line follows the third son of Thomas Breach (b. 1640) and his second wife Susannah Ashdown (b. 1663) from Generation Two of the Main Ancestral Breach Line. Names in bold type continue the ancestral line down.

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East Sussex Map

This branch of the Breach family had their origins in Hastings and Eastbourne in East Sussex, and later moved to Suffolk (see further below for Suffolk map).


Third Branch Generation
BG3 - John Breach and Mary Moor 1689 - 1732
John Breach was born in 1689, the son of Thomas Breach (1640 - 1709) and his second wife Susannah Ashdown (1663 - 1706), the third of four children. He married Mary Moor (b. 1686 in  Hastings) on the 5th of January 1720 in Eastbourne. They had six children as follows:
  1. John (b. 1721) John continues this line below.
  2. Mary (b. 1724)
  3. William (b. 1726) William married Elizabeth unknown c.1765. They had three, possibly four children: Mary (b. 1766), George (b. 1775, d. 1848) who married Martha Golden (b. 1772, d. 1843), Charlotte (b. 1775) and Charles (b. ?).
  4. Benjamin (b. 1729)
  5. Elizabeth (b. 1731)
  6. Ann (b. 1732)
The death dates of John and Mary are not known at this time.


Fourth Branch Generation
BG4 - John Breach and Mary Sargeant 1721 - 1757
John was born in 1721, the son of John Breach (b. 1689) and Mary Moor (b. 1686). He married Mary Sargeant (b. 1727) on the 5th of January 1747 in Eastbourne. They had four children as follows, all baptised in Eastbourne:
  1. John (b. 1750) John continues this line below.
  2. Benjamin (b. 1752) This line continues in the post Branch Line BL2 - Steyning Breaches 1752 - 1925
  3. William (b. 1753) William married Elizabeth unknown.
  4. Mark (b. 1756) (d. 1757
No death dates have been found for John or Mary.


Fifth Branch Generation
BG5 - John Breach and Elizabeth Cogger Eldridge 1746 - 1832
John was born in 1750 in Eastbourne, the son of John Breach (b. 1721) and Mary Sargeant (b. 1727). He married Elizabeth Cogger Eldridge (b. 1746 in Battle) on the 4th of November 1772 in Battle. They had five children as follows:
  1. John (b. 1774, in Battle) (d. 1863) Married (1) Ann Wallis (b. 1768, d. 1822) on 15th May 1798 in Hastings. (2) Susannah Trenham (b. 1775, d. 1843).
  2. William (b. 1775, in Battle) (d. 1854) William continues this line below.
  3. Mark (b. 1778, in Hastings) (d. 1863) Married Mary Wood (b. 1781, d. 1847).
  4. Mary (b. 1781) (d. 1859)
  5. James (b. 1781) (d. 1861)
John died in 1822 in Hastings, and Elizabeth died in 1832, also in Hastings. 


Sixth Branch Generation
BG6 - William Breach and Elizabeth Chatfield (1) and Mary Archibald (2) 1775 - 1854 
William was born in 1775, in Battle, Sussex, the son of John Breach (b. 1750, d. 1822) and Elizabeth Cogger Eldridge (b. 1746. d. 1832). He married twice, firstly to Elizabeth Chatfield (b. 1776) on the 6th of July 1797 in Hastings. They had seven children as follows:
  1. James (b. 1799, d. 1858) Married Sarah Saunter (b. 1797) on the 28th of August 1825. They had one daughter, Mary (b. 1827, d. 1866). 
  2. William (b. 1801)
  3. Elizabeth (b. 1802)
  4. John (b. 1804) (d. 1827)
  5. Ann (b. 1806)
  6. Ann (b. 1810) (d. 1895) 
  7. Sarah (b. 1812)
  8. William (b. 1813) (d. 1880) William continues this line below.
  9. Mark (b. 1815) (d.1883) Married Ann Hayes (b. 1812, d. 1895) and they had six children: Ann (b. 1840), Charles (b. 1842), Mark (b. 1845), Frances Louisa (b. 1847), Frederick (b. 1851), and Herbert (b. 1855), all were born in Hastings, Sussex.

Pevensey Whale
A 70 ton male Finback Whale was washed ashore dead at Pevensey Bay, Sussex in Nov. 1865. Some 40,000 people were estimated to have made the trip to view it during the first few days. Mark Breach (b. 1815) and colleagues paid £38 for it and after selling all its flesh put the skeleton on display. The skeleton was sold to Cambridge University Museum for £17 more than he had paid for it.

Information from MarinerTonge on

Elizabeth died in 1821, and William married for a second time. On the 5th of June 1823, William married Mary Archibald (b. 1785, in Scotland) in Hastings. They had four children as follows:
  1. Frances Louisa Paterson (b. 1824) (d. 1867)
  2. Charles (b. 1825) (d. 1878)
  3. Fanny (b. 1826) 
  4. Maria Love Robertson (b. 1830) (d. 1872)
Mary died on the 17th of April 1846, and William died on the 5th of December 1854 in Hastings. 

East Cliff, Hastings
William Breach (b. 1775) built a 4 storey black wooden net shop under the East Cliff which he was later to bequeath equally, one floor to each of his remaining four surviving sons for their use in storing fishing equipment. The boat "The Boy Leslie" in the picture was the first of the Hastings Fishing boats to have an engine installed in April 1914. Until then all had been sailing Luggers. In the foreground is a wooden horse capstan.

Information from MarinerTonge on


Suffolk Map

This generation of the family moved to Lowestoft in Suffolk.



Seventh Branch Generation

BG7 - William Breach and Harriet Hayward (1) and Caroline Wise (2) 1813 - 1892
William was born in 1813, the son of William Breach (b. 1775) and Elizabeth Chatfield (b. 1776). He was a fish merchant from Hastings, who later moved to Lowestoft, Suffolk. He married twice, firstly to Harriet Hayward (b. 1815) on the 18th of June 1833. They had thirteen children as follows:
  1. Jane Caroline (b. 1833) (d. 1909)
  2. Harriet (b. 1835)
  3. Caroline (b. 1837) (d. 1914)
  4. John (b. 20 Apr 1837) (d. 1915) John continues this line below.
  5. Louisa Frances (b. 1840)
  6. Elizabeth (b. 1842) (d. 1914)
  7. William (b. 1843) (d. 16 Dec 1891)
  8. Mark (23 Apr 1845) (d. 26 Nov 1919)
  9. Charles (b. 1846) (d. 15 Nov 1907)
  10. Henry (b. 1848) (d. 27 Mar 1903)
  11. James Joseph (b. 15 Mar 1851) (d. 28 Dec 1886)
  12. Edwin Thomas (b. 1853) (d. 28 Jun 1877)
  13. Sarah Ann (b. 1854)
All the above were born in Hastings, most of them died in Suffolk.
Harriet died on the 22 Aug 1870 in Lowestoft, Suffolk. William married Caroline Wise (b. 1811) two years later in Hastings, when Caroline was 61, and William was 59.  

William died in 1880 in Lowestoft, and Caroline died in 1892, in Suffolk.  

Grave of William Breach and his two wives.


Eighth Branch Generation
BG8 - John Breach and Sarah Ann Hide 1837 - 1915
John was born on the 20th of April 1837, in Hastings, the son of William Breach (b. 1813) and Harriet Hayward (b. 1815). He married Sarah Ann Hide (b. 1 Aug 1843) on the 29th of April 1861 in Hastings. The couple moved to Lowestoft in Suffolk, where their eleven children were born:
  1. Sarah Jane (b. 11 Feb 1862) (d. 1940)
  2. Harriet Charlotte (b. 1864) (d. 1935)
  3. Caroline Elizabeth (b. 1 Jul 1866) (d. 4 Sep 1932)
  4. John William (b. 3 May 1868) (d. 8 Mar 1869)
  5. George (b. 2 May 1869) (d. 1926)
  6. Charlotte Susannah (b. 4 Jun 1871) (d. 1923)
  7. Phyllis Annie (31 May 1874) (d. 1941)
  8. James (19 Jul 1877) (d. 26 Apr 1956)
  9. Constance Hide (b. 1880) (d. 1963)
  10. William (b. 1882) (d. 11 Jun 1937)
  11. John Victor (b. 5 May 1887) (d. 5 Jan 1944) John continues this line below.
John died in 1915, and Sarah died on the 6th of March 1914, both in Lowestoft.


Ninth Branch Generation
BG9 - John Victor Breach and Marion P E Jenner 1887 - 1944  
John was born on the 5th of May 1887, in Lowestoft, Suffolk, the son of John Alfred Breach (b. 1837) and Sarah Ann Hide (b. 1843). He worked as a herring fisherman on his steam drifter vessel. He married Marion Phoebe Elizabeth Jenner (b. 1885) in 1908. They had seven children:
  1. John Alfred (b. 1909)
  2. Sarah Marion (b. 1910)
  3. Roy J (b. 1911)
  4. Elizabeth E R (b. 1913)
  5. William Nathaniel (b. 30 Nov 1915) William continues this line below. 
  6. Margaret H (b. 1918)
  7. Philip H (b. 1920)  
John Victor Breach died on the 5th of January 1944, in Lowestoft.


Tenth Branch Generation
BG10 - William Nathaniel Breach and Flora  E Mackenzie 1912 - 2008
William was born on the 30th of November 1915, in Ellingham, Norfolk, the son of John Victor Breach (b. 1887) and Marion P E Jenner (b. 1885). William married Flora Elizabeth Mackenzie (b. 30 May 1912) in 1938, in Paddington, London. They had two children, Bridget Elizabeth and Nicholas Mackenzie, both of whom could still be living. 

Flora died in 2005 in Poole Dorset, and William died on the 25th of August 2008. 

All descendants from this point on could be living, and therefore will be kept private.   


Family Tree  


Many thanks to Bonnie Dunn for information contained in this post. 

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Addendum: On the ancestral tree above BG8, John Alfred Breach should read just 'John'. Many thanks to Nicholas True, his descendant, for correcting this information.  

Alison Vainlo 2018


  1. enjoyed your family tree.I am researching a sailing trawler The Boy Willie which John Breach owned in 1westoft, I would appreciate any photos /copies of this vessel for research I am compiling on sailing trawlers of that era.He owned this fishing craft in 1884 in Lowestoft.Please can you help me ?.Thank you so much.Regards, Dan Graham.

  2. Thanks for your comment Dan. Sorry I don't have anything on that vessel.


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